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Bespoke Furniture: ANY SIZE Dining Tables from a vast range of Beautiful Reclaimed Timbers

Our mission is to use our everchanging stock of ethically sourced, reclaimed timber and our honed carpentry skills to craft a table which is Unique to You.

We offer a rich selection of beauftifully aged timbers, ethically sourced from an incredible variety of European sources including English Ash, Devon Sea Groyne, Romanian Oak, Early 20C Belgian Railway Stock and French Barns. You may choose from classic Farmhouse designs to Elaborate Versaille Parquetry and with or without inlaid borders- as you wish. The table can then be 'finished' in numerous ways including 'waxed', 'oiled', 'limed' and 'painted'. There is also a choice to show the characterful marks of history with a 'hit & miss' (shallow planing) surface option.


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Bespoke Furniture: Reclaimed Rustic Oak Grand Dining Table upto 20 x 4ft with handcrafted bespoke Legs from Reclaimed Pine

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Bespoke Furniture: Rustic Reclaimed Ash Dining Table with Parquetry Design and Pine Easy Assemble Legs

ANY SIZE Bespoke Dining Table handcrafted from Beautiful Reclaimed Timbers

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Please don't hesitate to send us images of any aspect of the design you are looking for.

Bespoke Furniture:  Rustic Reclaimed Ash Dining Table with Parquetry Design and Pine Easy Assemble Legs
Bespoke Furniture:  Rustic Reclaimed Oak

Whether you wish TO MATCH a particular design and finish or you would like a COST ESTIMATE or other ENQUIRY then Click Here to tell us (with pictures if you have them) what you are looking for and we'll get back to you within 48 hours

We are continually searching for new sources of timbers that have been cut and fashioned by craftsmen of previous generations. Be it from Victorian Mills, old French Barns, Romanian Shepherd Huts, Devon Sea Groynes or early 19C Belgian Railway Stock, our everchanging stock of beautiful timbers allows you to choose from the best. Whether the wood is Oak, Pine, Ash or another species each reclaimed find will have its own rich history, depth of grain and special character.

Please call 07774 757200 or email an Enquiry (giving us an idea of quantity, finish and dimensions)

We provide a truly bespoke service in terms of size, design, choice of wood and finish.

If you have an image of the timber you would like or a particular idea of your table's design in a picture then please don't hesitate to send it with your enquiry.

The Reclaimed Timber Company and our sister The Bespoke Green Table company are among an elite few who can source and craft tables from reclaimed timber which will seat from 8 to 20 places - just provide us with your choice of timber, your required dimensions and type of finish and we'll make it for you.

Our craftsmen take great pleasure in sensitively reclaiming (for you) the rich architectural legacy gifted by previous generations. trees

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