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For Sale: Indian Padauk Carved Chimney Piece

This Indian Padauk Carved Chimney Piece was reclaimed from a welsh mansion. Standing some 17 feet high and 14 feet also along with it are solid Padauk panelling and doors which formed a magnificent Entrance Hall of some 90 sq. yards. The Shipping Family owners of the mansion had it commissioned in the mid 1800's.

Chimney Piece For Sale at £29,990 or complete with the Entrance Hall : £39,990

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Indian Padauk Carved Chimney Piece Indian Padauk  carved FirePlace

Indian Padauk Carved Chimney Piece

Optionally with the Entrance Hall panelling (all carved from solid Padauk Timber). This unique piece dates from around the mid 19th Century and was salvaged from a mansion house in Pembrokeshire. The central chimney piece measures approx. 17' high by 15' wide. The central panel has ornate wood carvings, reminiscent of the great Grinling Gibbons, and a fireplace opening with mantel. In addition to the exceptionally striking central chimney piece it also (optionally) comes with a panelled entrance hall including two doorways and doors. The panelling measures almost 100 running feet and entails one 14.5' panel, two 13', three 10', one 6', one 5', four 3' and two 2' panels. They are all 7' 3" high and all rare Indian Padauk timber. The house in which the chimney piece was salvaged from apparently had trade dealings with India throughout the 19th Century, hence this rare Indian wood.

(from Wiki) Pterocarpus is a pantropical genus of trees in the family Fabaceae, most of which yield valuable timber traded as padauk (or padouk); other common names are mukwa or narra. The wood is marketed as amboyna when it has grown in the burl form.  The scientific name is Latinised Ancient Greek and means "wing fruit" referring to the unusual shape of the seed pods in this genus. Padauk wood is obtained from several species of Pterocarpus. All padauks are of African or Asian origin. Padauks are valued for their toughness, stability in use, and decorativeness, most having a reddish wood

Indian Padauk Carved Chimney Piece
Indian Padauk Carved Chimney Piece

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