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Characterful Solid Wood Wall Cladding & Panels from Reclaimed Timber

The Reclaimed Timber Company stock an ever-changing variety of ethically sourced reclaimed timber from French Barns to Bavarian Bivouacs and Victorian Mills and English Sea Groynes to Victorian Lock Gates and Antique Belgian Railway Carriages.
We enjoy finding and fashioning the most characterful of reclaimed timbers into bespoke areas of cladding for walls, floors and ceilings.
We are also happy to work with production designers and interior design artists to fashion special effects whether in a house, office, film set or complete and authentically matched Barn Conversion or Renovation Project.

Visit our showroom to See EXAMPLES or send An ENQUIRY describing what you are looking for
(for example fit a particular space or match a specific style?)

Here below we display a few examples of panels and cladding that can be used for wall cladding, flooring or whatever artistic application your imagination allows.
If you do not see what you want please tell us and we will respond.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding from Devon Sea Groyne

Devon Sea Groyne

Harness this Sea Battered Beauty as Your Wall Cladding

Reclaimed Pine Cladding from early 20C Belgian Railway Carriages

Antique Oak Character

Oak Reclaimed from early 20C Belgian Railway Carriages

Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding - Random Width Rustic Pine

Random Width Pine

Mirror the Textured Finesse of Random Width Rustic Pine

Reclaimed Pine Cladding from early 20C Belgian Railway Carriages

Aged Pine Beauty

Pine Reclaimed from early 20C Belgian Railway Carriages

Reclaimed Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian Tiles

Timeless Flooring or an unique Wall Panel?

Painted Mill_Board in Sea Groyne Frame

Painted Mill_Board in Sea Groyne Frame

All combinations possible - just ask!

Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding Victorian Mill Boards

Victorian Mill Boards

Enjoy the Depth of History Displayed in these Reclaimed Victorian Mill Boards

Reclaimed Wood Wall or Floor Cladding Maple from McVities Factory

Maple from McVitie's Factory

Benefit from the Fun and Character of Wall or Floor Cladding Maple reclaimed from the old McVitie's Factory

Reclaimed Wood for Wall or Floor Cladding using Random Width Australian Meranti

Australian Meranti

Add Subtle Character and Warmth with this Random Width Australian Meranti

Pastel Washed Victorian Millboard Panels

A Variety of Finishes

Pastel Washed Victorian Millboard can hit the spot

Parquet Panellings

Parquet Panelling

Panels for wall, floor, ceiling or Table Top!

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Email us with Your Wishes

Please don't hesitate to email us with your wishes - we are continuously adding to our stock with delicious timbers...

Our craftsmen take great pleasure in sensitively reclaiming (for you) the rich architectural legacy gifted by previous generations. Our reclaimed solid wood cladding can add amazing character to any space. Each weathered crevice, nail-hole and crack tells a fantastic tale and offer beautiful variations of texture and colour created over years of natural aging - be it sea groyne, victorian factory floor, grand union lockgate, time scarred beam or old french barn. trees

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